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Our vision is for the DOC House to become a revitalized image of its original self, standing at the gateway to the Great North and symbolizing Dartmouth’s unique character and strengths consistent with its motto: Vox clamantis in deserto.

We want to restore its essential architectural elements while both preserving its classic historical appearance and perpetuating its originally intended usages, along with some broadening of scope. Our vision is that the Dartmouth community will have in the heart of its campus a place where:

I. An inner city student can put on a pair of snowshoes for the first time, hike up a hill on a snowy day, and then return to the warmth of the DOC house for a hot chocolate;  

II. A local family can find a well-organized shop, rent equipment, buy passes, and cross country ski over 25 miles of nearby groomed trails;

III. Alums might hold a winter reunion or reception in the Main Hall with wood fires burning at both ends;

IV. A college club or student group could meet or hold an event;

V. A summer bride might be walked down the aisle on a beautifully landscaped patio at the  edge of Occom pond;

VI. Students can sit by a fireplace in the Cabin and Trail Room to read a book about wilderness adventure from its curated library;

VII. A Tuck professor could take a hot shower and warm up by a fire after taking the “polar bear plunge;”

VIII. A College professor (or even President) could cook dinner or otherwise entertain students;

IX. A memorial service could be held;

X. Other imaginative activities and events could occur; and

XI. Everyone can feel good about themselves, be inspired, think differently, be brave, see old photos of their generational predecessors, enjoy the great outdoors, and know that this is our Dartmouth legacy.

New dining room will overlook Occom Pond.