The Dartmouth Outing Club is the oldest and largest collegiate organization of its kind in the United States. It currently has over 1,500 student members and oversees about a dozen outdoor-oriented activity groups.

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gateway to the north

Today 50 miles of the Appalachian Trail are maintained by the Dartmouth Outing Club’s Cabin and Trail division from Ledyard Bridge to Woodstock NH, including a segment at the Dartmouth Skiway.  The “AT” passes through Oak Hill, which at a distance of two miles is easily accessible on foot or cross country skis from the DOC House.  The Dartmouth Cross Country Ski Center currently maintains over 15 miles of groomed cross country ski trails on Oak Hill and nearby Garipay Field (just across Route 10 from the golf course).  During the warmer months, there are dozens of types and levels of trail hikes which could originate from or end at the DOC House. There are shelters available for hikers along the AT maintained by Cabin and Trail, which also provides books, hiking maps, and advice on suitable hiking routes. During summertime the AT and other nearby Oak Hill trails are great for mountain biking. Cabin and Trail also maintains the DOC cabin chain, which consists of eleven cabins stretching northward from the DOC House to the Second College Grant.


The DOC House, a Gateway to the North, is accessible to the Appalachian Trail. The opposite map illustrates the trail that connects the DOC House and the Dartmouth Skiway. The DOC provides support for the Skiway such as Ski Patrols rescue services, clubs for Alpine Racing, Snowboard and Nordic Skiing. The Cabin and Trail Council is responsible for maintaining 75 miles of the trail as well as the 11 Cabins and Shelters. In addition to organizing all levels of trips they host Intercollegiate Forestry Meets and home cooked meals every couple of weeks. The Cabin and Trail Room in the DOC House is still relatively unaltered since its inception.


The DOC House is known as the Cross Country Ski Center. Dartmouth Students and Hanover Families can rent outdoor equipment such as skis, snowshoes, ice skates and sleds. There are some Trails at the adjacent Golf Course noted in green above.

Across Route 10 is Oak Hill Touring Center that has 35 miles of groomed ski trails. In 2018 a new clinic became available for all levels of classic cross-country skiing with an instructor ratio of 8-1. There are now activities such as the Full Moon Cross Country Ski Tour.


doc ski center shop

This shop rents equipment for cross-country skiing, ice skating, snow shoeing, and other winter sports.  It also provides general information, recommendations for outdoor activity, trail condition reports, weather forecasts, maps, and group or private instruction.  The staff can sharpen skates, wax skis, and perform equipment repair.  Suitable snacks and drinks are available for purchase here.

The DOC House patio can accommodate a large number of people throughout the year.  At the north end of Occom Pond, it has served as a highly attractive hosting site for memorials, receptions, weddings, picnics, and class reunions while still maintaining its special “Outing Club charm.” In the winter months, you will find a small fire pit and benches offer a warming area for skaters and skiers. It has tremendous potential for gaining significant newfound popularity among the Dartmouth and greater Hanover communities—as well as for generating new revenue streams to sustain its gem status for years to come.